5 incredible ways to ensure you stay healthy during celebrations



Dec 17, 2021

In the upcoming celebrations of Christmas and the New Year, it is easy to neglect your health. Although this is actually the time when you need to take extra care. Read along to know how.

The festive season doesn’t mean forgetting all the healthy habits that you’ve been following throughout the year. Christmas is a wonderful time to remain healthy and active while enjoying your drinks and feasts. All that matters is keeping your indulgence on track.

Keeping track of your health during these festivities can be tough. Nevertheless, with some simple tweaks and tricks, you can be at the top of your health even during the Christmas season.

Here is an easy-to-follow guide for a healthier holiday season: 

Stay hydrated 

Don’t forget to drink your water. It’s easy to forget your usual health routines and miss out on having some water regularly. Being dehydrated will affect you by leaving you physically and mentally tired, leave you with dry skin, cause headaches and many more.

Water assists in digestion and helps deliver oxygen all over the body. On the occasions of a big night partying, don’t forget to have at least one glass of water before you start with your favourite cocktails.

Watch your sugar intake

During the festive season, sugar intake can increase drastically, thanks to the traditional sweet dishes, cakes and the chocolates etc.  It is okay to treat yourself with some Christmas cakes, but try to eat more vegetables and protein so you feel less required for desserts.

Stick to your exercise routine

Most of us are unable to stick to our regular fitness regime during the festive season, because we are travelling or gyms or health centres are closed at this time.
Be active, to say the least. Getting in a workout also helps enjoy your evening without guilt because you know you have earned that treat or reward.

Do not skip on sleep

In the festive season it is easy to skip or not get enough sleep. Sleep is when your body detoxifies and rejuvenates you from all the hustle and bustle of the season. It is necessary to get quality sleep during festive times too.

Not a time to skip medical follow ups

Do not miss your regular follow-ups with your doctor. You might tend to overlook or postpone your routine check-ups and diagnostic tests in the festive season. This has now become hassle free with the NHS England supporting primary care to move towards a digital first approach. A platform such as BPN Healthnow, a part of the NHS DFOCVC catalogue, allows patients and communities to connect with their practitioners using a unified and secured technology platform. As a result, patients can now easily access the quality healthcare from the comfort of their homes.

Wishing you and your family a very healthy Christmas and a happy new year from our entire team at BPN Healthnow.

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