Expand your reach with management solutions to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of your built environment.

Offline Work Mode

Lack of internet connectivity at the project site? No hassles. The solution allows for offline data input and then automatically syncs once connectivity is restored.

Taskflow Customisation

Easily customise the task flow with the multiple customisation options available in the module enabling you to address any challenges from the simple tasks to the tasks that require more attention


Define People and Users within the application and assign Roles to them that have been predefined in your system library based on your requirements. Create User Groups based on User Function, Alignment or Business Processes

Email, SMS and Push Notification Service

Customer queries, staff announcements, or new product launches-all of these can be handled effortlessly and, most importantly, on time.

Automatic Scheduler

Time based task scheduler based on predefined set of rules


Automated Chatbots

They act as a first point of contact for many of your customers, employees or clients. The responses of the chatbots are highly customisable and can also be personalised based on the business requirements

Mobile Manager

This feature allows you to manage and  assign tasks to members of your alignment on the go and monitor them. It is primarily used by managers who manage onsite employees. The manager can assign tasks to onsite employees and monitor status. The employees will get a list of tasks assigned to them and they can enter and submit required data against and mark off their list while on the job.

Quick Worker

This feature provides all the fields which are required for the employees to complete activity within a very short span of time. They can capture customer information like personal details, documents, selfie or photographs etc using the mobile app and submit it in no time. The feature allows them to submit as many forms as they may want and update status as done against the assigned task.

Mobile Worker

This feature is mainly developed for the usage of onsite executives. Using the mobile app, the onsite executives can easily find the tasks assigned to them with detailed notes on execution. The customised forms are made available to them enabling them to gather all the information which is required to be collected from the customer/client. Using this feature, the executives can complete their task in no time and update the status against the task. They also have the facility to connect with their managers instantly if there is any escalations or intervention required to complete the task/activity.

Lone Worker

This is a smart security feature that triggers alarms or automatically generates help calls if there is a safety concern raised or detected with the systems shift tracker. The onsite employee will be given access to ‘Lone Worker’ while they are on site and they need to just trigger the alarm if they require any assistance while on the job. This creates a sense of safety and comfort for the employees knowing that they are being protected although they are outside office.

Role Based Access Control

Multiple roles can be defined and assigned to a user and access permissions can be defined on various objects such as catalogue, form, item and tabs which works across the web and mobile platform

Multichannel Role Based Approvals

Powerful approval configuration engine that allows you to configure approval based on hierarchy, role and various other parameters using web and mobile. Define priority, status, owner etc for each task and monitor status until closure

Native Mobile Apps

Your brand on your customer’s phone – the customised mobile app, with your branding, helps offer not only the best-in-class service experience but also raises your brand’s profile and builds meaningful engagement.

Easy Collaboration and Storage

Hold all your discussions, files, briefings, checklists and sheets in one location and say farewell to long conferences and lengthy email threads. Add documents, notes, images etc against each case.

View Interaction History

Gives appropriate information about the customer who has raised the request along with the history of all prior interactions and occurrences with the respective customer using different communication channels

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