One-stop, multilingual, highly-configurable platform that enables users to automate their business processes completely and boost business efficiency.

Introducing HealthNow

Duplicate appointments, no shows, and payment mix-ups—do these often occur at your healthcare practice? Discover HealthNow, an integrated cloud-based solution that offers a one-stop solution for all your processes. Ask for a free demo, today.


A Tool For All


Empower your healthcare practice to deliver superior customer service by integrating a gamut of service processes on a single platform.


Enable citizens to voice their concerns, report issues, and track the progress of actions taken to resolve them.


Expand your reach with management solutions to ensure functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of your built environment.


Achieve project management objectives by organising, prioritising and tracking tasks and resources.


Get ahead of your sales targets by engaging with and reaching out to the right prospects.


Connections that matter – seamless communication with your institution’s staff,   students and parents.


Modernise, mechanise, and organise any business process using tailored apps that you can build yourself.


Be a step ahead of your customers’ needs by offering them perceptive, instinctive, and modifiable service solutions.

Get Everything You Need
With Just One Tool

BPN can be used as a stand-alone tool or can be integrated with any ERP, EBS or Legacy Systems enabling alignment of business processes. It is a multichannel tool available on Native Mobile Apps, the Web, Telephony and Chat Bots thereby assisting businesses to transform their wish list into a working reality.

Real Time Tracking

Native Mobile Apps


Timesheet Manager

Offline Work Mode


Push Notification Service


Automated Chatbots

BusinessProcessNow (BPN) is an easy to use, highly customisable software that can meet all needs under one platform.

Manage all your business processes on a single platform

BPN is a single platform for all your internal and external business processes. It completes the cycle for all possible roles that interact with your organization. It is built to drive automation across your business.