Ensure functionality, safety, and optimum utilisation of your premises by defining and allocating tasks and tracking their real time progress.

This is Eden

She is the manager/dispatcher at Bradley Facilities Co.

Eden finds it difficult to manage her resource personnel with regards to their absence, task completion and whereabouts. She also finds it difficult to assign tasks to the appropriate person.

She wants a portal that makes it easy for her to know the availability and current location of her workforce and to easily delegate assignments to team members depending on their abilities and know-how

Meet Shawn

He is a worker at Bradley Facilities Co.

Shaun is frustrated about the delay/mix-up in his tasks which hampers his efficiency and the utilization of his time.

He wants an app that allows him to get a list of tasks assigned to him and make it easy for him to submit the required data and mark it off his list while on the job.

This is Betty

She is a client of Bradley Facilities Co.

Betty is worried that the concerned person will not show up and when he/she does, they will not do a good job.

She wants the person assigned to the activity to be skilled and efficient. She also wants an app which makes it easy for her to express her concerns and have them addressed.


Define and Allocate Tasks

Define tasks and sub-tasks to be completed by the team and easily allocate tasks to team members based on their skills and area of expertise

Track Real-Time Task Progress

Track the progress of each task defined in the task management tool and learn the real-time status/progress of tasks

Timesheet Manager

Staff can easily update their timesheet on an hourly basis to keep a tab on their activities

Real Time Location Tracker

With GPS based tracking system within the workforce module, you will be up to date with the whereabouts of your employees at any given point in time

Dispute Management

Manage disputes efficiently by collaborating between the team members involved or between the customer and the company


Auto-escalate a case to a higher level authority based on rules which could include response time, priority etc


View Interaction History

Gives appropriate information about the customer who has raised the request along with the history of all prior interactions and occurrences with the respective customer using different communication channels


Eden is happy now as she has an app to track the absence of her workers, their current location via GPS, and the progress of their task. She can also easily allocate tasks to her workforce based on their skills and areas of expertise.

Shaun is no longer frustrated as his list of tasks gets updated in real-time so he can make the best use of his time and be more efficient. He also finds it easy to submit all the required details of the task and mark it as completed.

Betty is now happy as she gets workers who are extremely skilled and she has no complaints with the service.

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