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Enable citizens to voice their concerns, report issues, and track the progress of actions taken to resolve them.

This is Mr. Miller

He is the Mayor/Head of Bricksville Municipal Corporation

It is becoming difficult for him to keep a track of various public issues around the town and his administration is unable to resolve the complaints like street repair works, waste collection, potholes etc on time. He wants a software where his staff members can easily assign tasks to the field workers/contractors, track progress and ensure they are completed on time.

Meet Julie

She is a resident of Bricksville Municipal Corporation

She is worried about going out of the house in the dark as the street light is broken in her area and roads are full of potholes. She has to call the municipal office multiple times wasting a lot of time and keep waiting until someone comes to do the repair work. She would like an App that would allow her to report any such issue directly to the municipality and get quick resolution.

This is Hector

He is a field worker at Bricksville Municipal Corporation

He is concerned about not being able to resolve complaints from the residents on time as he is not sure what the priority level of complaints is. Coordination between the municipal office and resident is time consuming and he does not have a clear idea of the issue until he visits the site. He wants a software where he can be immediately notified about the complaints raised by residents with a picture and clear description of what needs to be fixed.

BusinessProcessNow (BPN) is an easy to use, highly customizable software that can meet all their needs under one platform.

What can it do?

Report Issues

Users can report issues such as graffiti, broken street lights, dumped garbage, paving issues, damaged sign, fallen trees, manhole cover, dead animal on road, dog fouling, potholes, flooded drain etc.

Real Time Activity Update

Allows staff to mark the status of tasks assigned to them by giving a real time update

Real-Time Location Mapping

Users can select their live location to report an issue which can then be used by the respective department to track the location and fix the problem

Track Reported Issue Status

Users can track status of the reported issues and monitor progress to know by when the problem would be resolved​

Payment Gateway Integration

Easily integrate any payment gateway to the module enabling users to make payment within the portal​

Sharing and Collaboration

Generate and share reports together as a team to monitor performance and plan corrective measures​


Define Workflow and Assign Workforce

Manage your entire workflow and allocate activities to workforce based on skills and capabilities

Few examples of Verticals that can benefit from our solution

Municipality - Waste Collection

Public Transport - Ministry of Transportation

Electricity Supply - Ministry of Power

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

Ministry of Education


Water Supply

Ministry of Health

How can it help?

Mr. Miller is able to manage all reported public issues and their statuses through the App which makes them easy to access and transparent. His staff assigns tasks to the workers & track their job at their fingertips, resulting in timely closures.

Julie gets a quick resolution to her complaint by taking pictures of the broken street light and potholes and reporting them to authorities through the App. She is happy about proactiveness of the workers & knows her town is in good hands of a very efficient administration.

Hector can see quick notifications from authorities for issues raised by the public. He knows exactly what the problem is and what needs to be looked into first. He is able to coordinate with the municipality office in real time about the requirements, updates & any hurdles.

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